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Finishing Line Press, 2021

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Suppose the room just got brighter is the supposition that makes this series of poems about the end of love possible and the poems become evidence for the supposition. Goldsmith is a poet who uses the words "marvel" and "heartbreak" in the same sentence. Her poems are effervescent; even the heavy ones tread lightly as children in a fairy tale, ever alive with bewilderment and curiosity." 

Jennifer Tseng, author of Mayumi and the Sea of Happiness

Art book

Publication Studio Hudson, 2019


"The Landscape sits nicely settled within an art historical context as a statement of aesthetics, a celebration of the beauty and sometimes violence of the natural world. It is not often politicized and becomes a unifying mode of representation for people to understand art in a way that goes beyond the small demographic of the art-educated viewer. The Landscape is accessible to the masses because we, collectively, understand what a landscape is."

Publication Studio Hudson


blush books, 2019


"A collection of wild-hearted wonder and carefully waltzing words. The fig tree, poetry, and a sense of time laid out bare."

Cecelia Mignon, artist