Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies 110


Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Media (WRD) 110 is a required course for all first-year students at the University of Kentucky and is the first in what is called the Composition and Communication (C&C) sequence.


UK WRD faculty designed 110 to focus on critical inquiry and research. Throughout the course, students are encouraged to explore their place in the broader community and engage in reflective thinking and analysis. WRD 110 asks students to write and speak effectively about local issue not only for their classmates but also for audiences beyond the classroom.


WRD 110 places special emphasis on the skills of conducting primary and secondary research, as well as how to use visuals and online resources to enhance writing and oral presentations. 


Over the course of the semester, class members can expect to work independently, with a partner, or with a small group of classmates to investigate, share findings, and compose presentations of their research, as well as to practice and evaluate interpersonal and team dynamics in action.


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