English107: Introduction to Imaginative Writing


A University of Kentucky Core requirement for Arts and Creativity, and one of the first of its kind, ENG 107: Introduction to Imaginative Writing exposes students to the craft of fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and drama in a large lecture format.


I have had the good fortune to assist three creative writing faculty (Frank X Walker, Julia Johnson, and Cheryl Cardiff) in teaching this course, and in each iteration, I have learned what it means to guide students through creative processes in a large lecture class.  


Of course, as a large lecture, this class presents unique challenges to the most innovative instructor and the most open-minded student.  Even so, students continue to crave writing as a creative outlet after taking this course, evidenced by the number of students that sign up for ENG 207, 307, and 407, of which 107 is a feeder and prerequisite.